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Calabasas, CA
Attitude: Easy going, professional, advanced composition and performance
Palm Harbor, FL
Attitude: I've been pickin' and grinnin' since the age of 12, when I mowed lawns to save enough $ for my first axe. Bluegrass roots, with t
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Brooklyn, NY
Chicago, IL
Attitude: laid back, dependable, on time,
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Bethel, CT
Attitude: im chill but i'm a serious classically trained musician and i wont tolerate fucking around during a rehearsal.
Philadelphia, PA
Attitude: I’d like to play with a group, I’ve never played with a band only in orchestras and symphonies. I’m looking to jam once a we
Miami, FL
Chicago, IL
Attitude: We are serious musician that get shit done. Although we are new to the Chicago music scene, we are looking to finish recording our
West Palm Beach, FL
Attitude: Dedicated, passionate, fun, friendly - music-loving!
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Columbus, OH
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Port Huron, MI
Attitude: Easy going yet dedicated Mature and experienced Seeking for hobby project arranging and recording. Have several originals plus y
Menifee, CA
Attitude: Music is a necessary release for me, I love writing and jamming. I'm continually looking for people to create with.
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Stockton, CA
Owings Mills, MD
Attitude: Looking to put together a progressive/heavy metal band with some electronic and industrial styling. The goal is emphasis on a real
San Diego, CA
Attitude: Very assertive, and somewhat opinionated, but I'm easy going, and ethical.
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Austin, TX
Attitude: Pieces ( the band ) is looking for two players to continue an established musical project. The present members: George Storey ( ba
Baltimore, MD
M > M
Utica, NY
Attitude: Very chill & super motivated to write. Looking for like minded folk down to take this as serious as our adult lives will allow.
Wexford, PA
Attitude: Laid back but directive. Played in several rock bands, performs in musical theatre, also played in a few pit bands
Gardena, CA
Attitude: Amateur bass and rhythm guitar player located in the South Bay area, looking to connect with other local musicians for entertainme
Los Angeles, CA
Attitude: Lets do this!
West Hollywood, CA
Attitude: Hey! I'm a very dedicated 16-year-old rock guitarist living in west LA. I spend many hours a day practicing and composing my own m
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Anacortes, WA
Brighton, MA
Attitude: Committed, friendly, diligent, passionate, excited, very, very eager to learn.
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Dario Brooklyn, NY 2
pedulla1 Brooklyn, NY 2
Charlie Hicksville, NY 8
thomasd309 Chicago, IL 8
maquisbass Spring Grove, IL 9
Leo Calabasas, CA 11
Jules Bethel, CT 11
Stringbender Palm Harbor, FL 13
Jessi Hawk Philadelphia, PA 14
DCplayer Washington, DC 14
Al001 Oceanside, CA 18
afghan overdrive Miami, FL 18
KailynHB Chicago, IL 20
"i" Bronx, NY 26
X13 Deerfield .., FL 26
klundy111 Plantsville, CT 27
harpboy Montclair, NJ 27
Temeculah West Palm .., FL 28
smalsa Miami Beach, FL 29
DylanFree Seattle, WA 29
Bill peck New York, NY 33
PaleLure Menifee, CA 33
TJ Stockton, CA 34
DavidD Port Huron, MI 34
Fallture Arlington, TX 35
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danimalB > MCicero, IL16
RedhawkB > MAstoria, NY15
SALEMS BELOV..B > MPortland, ME11
CharlieM > BHicksville, NY10
vicgreenM > BSignal Hill, CA10
GordoM > BTopanga, CA9
TylerB > MStoughton, MA9
TJB > MStockton, CA9
DarioM > MBrooklyn, NY9
maquisbassB > MSpring Grove, IL9
thomasd309M > BChicago, IL9
MelodicRockM > MBethpage, NY8
ElectrotypeB > FMorrisville, PA8
RickM > BGrayslake, IL8
Jules M > BBethel, CT8

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