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musician seeking a bandDoug

Profile type musician seeking a band
Location  Bartlett, IL
Zip code 60103
Gender Male
Member since Sep. 28, 2014
Last login Sep. 28, 2014
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Music style(s) Rock
I play Rhythm guitar
Seeking Lead guitar
Available to practice Once a week or less
Available to gig Twice a month
Preferred song mix Both (covers & originals)
Experience level Advanced (5-10 years)
Music theory Some
Recording level Occasional

I love playing acoustic and electric guitars. I play country and rock and folk and Americana and bluegrass, even some blues too. I get along very well with bandmates and I enjoy playing anywhere.

Vince Gill, Brent Mason, Keith Urban, Brad Paisley Chuck Berry, Carl Perkins, Keith Richards and so many other guitar players from the rock, country, folk and bluegrass genre's it's so hard to name them all.

Three customized Teles, all modified with 4-way swtiching wih Joe Barden, Jerry Donahue and Bill Lawrence bridge pickups. Also a Michael Kelly hybrid electric/acoustic, a Rogue six-string acoustic/electric, and a six-string banjo with pickup. Also have my own set of in-ears, wireless guitar setup and a set of non-powered PA speakers and two light trees with controller.



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