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Music style(s) Rock
I play
Seeking Drums/Percussion
Rhythm guitar
Bass guitar
Brass winds
Available to practice Once a week or less
Available to gig Not ready to gig yet
Preferred song mix Covers
Experience level Intermediate (2-5 years)
Music theory Some
Recording level Occasional


Local producer forming theme band: We are forming a local dance band and are looking to fill most all positions. We have the contacts and marketing plan, the industry experience and professional rehearsal space and recording studio in Woodinville. This is a highly researched and well formed concept band that could be huge. The band will be large (likely 12-14 people). The song list is already chosen, and is a carefully selected mix of classic rock / pop / funk. Selected applicants will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement. Once the group is formed, the rehearsals will begin weekly (with optional additional chances to rehearse). Once the band is tight, we will go into the studio and create a full demo CD, featuring every member of the band. This is a great opportunity for exposure, and if the marketing works as expected, could be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Each member will get their own copies of the demo. The ultimate goal is to play corporate events, festivals, etc. We are looking for good quality, experienced musicians and singers. That said we are willing to hear and audition anyone who can demonstrate the required skills. We are a drama free operation. The main goal is to have fun and make amazing music. Everything else will take care of itself. So, if this sounds interesting, and you’re willing to dress up in costume and help create Americas hottest event band, or you just want to fulfill your new year’s resolution to start making music again, here’s your chance. We have some members already but are also looking for backup and alternates for all positions. So if you can’t commit to a regular practice schedule and would be willing to fill in that may be ok too. Looking for: Lead Singer (Male) - 1 Lead Singer (Female) - 1 Backup Singers (any) – 3 Drums Bass Player Keyboards/Piano Keyboards/Synth (need a sound effects expert) Rhythm Guitar Trumpet Player Trombone Player Sax Player Violin We’re also looking for someone to help with running the board sound board and lighting.



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