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Music style(s) Metal
I play
Seeking Drums/Percussion
Lead guitar
Rhythm guitar
Bass guitar
Available to practice Once a week or less
Available to gig Not ready to gig yet
Preferred song mix Originals
Experience level Intermediate (2-5 years)
Music theory Some
Recording level None


Looking to put together a progressive/heavy metal band with some electronic and industrial styling. The goal is emphasis on a really heavy sound accompanied by melodic piano with soft and almost operatic vocals. Essentially looking for a death metal band to back up an opera singer, although maybe not literally. Looking for musicians interested in actually playing shows, as I would like to put work into an engaging and animated stage show. Currently looking for bass guitar, lead, rhythm, drums, and a keyboardist. Extra consideration will be given to artists whom have experience with or are currently dealing with depression. Sort of a musical theme in mind, I will explain more if you are interested. (Note the screen name listed here is not the potential band name, the working band name at the moment is Mortichoris. Subject to change, but the logo is pretty nice so that's what I'm going with for the moment.)


Katatonia, Candlemass, Front 242, ASP, Opeth, Ghost, Type O Negative, Machine Head, Electric Wizard, Kings X, Mushroomhead, Porcupine Tree, Rob Zombie, Sevendust, Fear Factory, Soilwork



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