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musician seeking a musicianSkot Six

Profile type musician seeking a musician
Location  North Richland Hills, TX
Zip code 76180
Gender Male
Member since Feb. 22, 2015
Last login Feb. 22, 2015
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Music style(s) Rock
I play Lead guitar
Rhythm guitar
Seeking Drums/Percussion
Lead guitar
Bass guitar
Available to practice Twice a week
Available to gig Once a month
Preferred song mix Originals
Experience level Professional
Music theory Some
Recording level Frequent

I like aggressive music, but I like to melody too. I like to joke around, but my music is usually pretty dark I wont sing songs about girls or love I love duel guitar harmonizing On stage I don't take myself too seriously

I listen to a lot of styles of music so this is a hard question to answer, but I can name a few that I like. Misfits, Dick Dale, Slayer, Agnostic Front, Man or Astroman, Kreator, GBH Hard Core Punk, Surf Rock, Metal

Greastch Duo-Jet (solid body, looks like a les paul) Crate Blue voodoo (all black, 120 watts, all tube) 1 4x12 cabinate


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