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Drew Larson

musician seeking a band
 Waunakee, WI  53597
Age: 39  Male

Profile type musician seeking a band
Member since Jun. 14, 2021
Music style(s) Rock
I play Keyboards/piano
Available to practice Once a week or less
Available to gig Once a month
Preferred song mix Both (covers & originals)
Experience level Professional
Music theory Some
Recording level Occasional


I am currently looking to join a band in the Madison, WI area. I live in Waunakee and am a doctor of physical therapy, full time, and have two young children, so I'm looking to gig 1 time per month at the most, but more comfortably once every 2-3 months. I'm currently in a Doors tribute band, called The Droors (, that gigs in the Sheboygan (my home town) area 1-2 times per year. We have a situation where we pay a sound person to set up and work the PA and lighting so we just have to deal with our own rigs. The band then splits what's left. I like how this works and was hoping to find people who are looking for the same. I've played in many bands in the past, mostly classic rock and decades hits covers. The bands I've been involved with have been paid enough to cover the cost of the monthly practice pace rental, which is what I'm hoping for, at the very least. I have a double tiered rig with a Nord Electro 6D and a Yamaha MODX8. I take pride in giving the bands I cover justice and have a reputation for well replicating the sound of the original artist. I do my homework and arrive to practices prepared and expect my bandmates to do the same. My schedule is tight. I work 7:00 am to 5:00 pm Tuesday through Friday in Portage, WI, so shows and practices are most welcome on weekends including Friday and Sunday evenings/nights.


The Doors, Phish, Grateful Dead, Black Crowes, Little Feat, The Meters, Steely Dan, Cold Blood, Allman Brothers, The Beatles, Elton John, Leon Russell, Blood Sweat and Tears, The Band, David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Dr. John, The Jacksons, Jackson Brown, Jamiroquai, Greazy Meal, MMW, Radiohead, Sly and the Family Stone, Talking Heads, Tom Waits, Van Morrison,


Nord Electro 6D 73-key Yamaha MODX8 Double tier keyboard stand Roland KC-200 - 100 watt amp I use for a monitor Shure beta 58a mic and boom stand



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