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musician seeking a band
 Portland, OR  97217
Age: 42  Male

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Music style(s) Jazz
I play Drums/Percussion
Lead guitar
Rhythm guitar
Wood winds
Bass guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Available to practice Once a week or less
Available to gig Twice a month
Preferred song mix Both (covers & originals)
Experience level Professional
Music theory Expert
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Hello fellow traveler, your friendly neighborhood __ here! Looking to Start/Join an Open, Groove-Oriented, Local Group. Flexible but thinking perhaps a Genre-fluid, collectively-oriented group playing fun groove/funk/etc. Have and appreciate patience, can-do attitudes, openness to exploratory, improvisational instrumental-focused playing - not necessarily constant soloing but also rhythm, chord/progressions modulations, ensemble jams that can allow for extended dance parties, etc. Good vocals and harmonies, without being overly focused on anyone's lyrical genius, no offense. Willingness to take risks and see what happens, to be ego-free, to not worry so much about someone thinks the audience wants that it gets in the way of being playful and unguarded musically and on stage. To show up ready to play and focus on musical development at rehearsals more than extended chats and small talk. I love connecting and hearing what's going on and my best friends are current and former bandmates...but everyone usually has jobs and/or families and perhaps valuable time committed to rehearsal and I like to have that be mutually respected. Most importantly, to have and share trust with each other, to not get catty or divisional or self-focused in terms of limelight, band style, etc. To be in it to have fun, play awesome music, get a groove on, and bring the high soul energy to the situation.


Among a zillion musical interests and influences and not to oversaturate the description, here are a few that I feel relate to my current motivations: Hot Chip, Parliament, Scissor Sisters, Nile Rodgers/Chic. And the like. In general, I gravitate to: funk/soul/disco/jazz roots/dub reggae rock - indie/groove/chillout trip/hip/hop/house synthpop/indietronica new wave downtempo folk/dance: Afrobeat, other African regional styles of traditional/instrumental/dance/electronic fusion; ditto for other countries/regions (Scottish/Irish, Brazilian/S. American, East European, Middle Eastern, French) Acoustic folk/instrumental Add'l influences in a broader sense: Emancipator Stevie Wonder Peter Tosh Toots and The Maytals Beck Jamiroquai George Michael B-52s James Brown Duran Duran Tool Puscifer Spoon The Roots Neil Young (and Crazy Horse) Black Crowes Leonard Cohen Shooglenifty Peatbog Faeries Ween Iron Maiden Grateful Dead Gramatik Pretty Lights Phish Santana Jimi Hendrix Sly and The Family Stone LCD Sound System Talking Heads Blondie Afro-Celt Sound System The Orb Albert King Ali Farka Toure D'Gary Antibalas Femi Kuti and The Positive Force Pink Floyd Faith No More/Mike Patton projects DJ Shadow Shpongle and so much more! I have example live recordings to share; they're all from collective/older bands so don't necessarily reflect my current songwriting and musical focus. You can see one of them (sporadic shows over last 10 yrs) in the FB profile link below. I've performed with one of the original Wailers (Devon Evans), Siggi Baldursson (The Sugarcubes (Bjork!!) founding drummer, opened for The North Mississippi Allstars, Tim Reynolds (guitar virtuoso who gained worldwide acclaim via duet concerts with Dave Matthews), to name a few. And had lunch with Tori Amos once in the 90s ;) I've done live sound and taught guitar and intro bass for 8 years. I've formally trained on guitar (jazz/rock theory), piano, djembe, voice, sax, kit, and violin (in roughly that order).


Lots, and always willing to grow and adapt. P.A. - small-medium room, small outdoor, rehearsal (Bose 802 with 502 sub); 16-channel Mackie mixer; accessories Guitars - classy. unfinished '97 PRS CE24, American Pro II Strat, '96 Gibson Classic 30 acoustic. Mesa Heartbreaker amp, modified for increased transport- and gig-ability. I like delay and modulation effects, but don't go overboard. I do my own electrical and mod work. Drums/Percussion: 5-piece Ludwig kit; djembes (from Gambia), congas/bongos (LP) Matador, shakers, blocks, bells, whistles Bass: Workingman's Combo amp, cheap but decent 4-string Yamaha CS1X Synth; Alto Sax, Alto Flute.



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