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musician seeking a band
 Glen Ellyn, IL  60137

Profile type musician seeking a band
Member since Jun. 20, 2014
Music style(s) Rock
I play Lead guitar
Rhythm guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Available to practice Twice a week
Available to gig More than 4 times a month
Preferred song mix Covers
Experience level Professional
Music theory Expert
Recording level Professional



I like to have fun, laugh, work hard, show up on time, and make great music. I love working with other talented, creative, and dedicated musicians. Life is for learning, so I'm constantly practicing and learning new songs, recording them or playing them live and sending them out to the audience. I listen to and play many styles. Rock, Country, Blues, Christian/Gospel, Jazz and go with what Duke Ellington said: "There's only two kinds of music." I'm a solid reader and know my theory (Music Ed Degree). Completely comfortable playing to click or tracks and using IEM's. I started gigging when I was 15. I've played in bars and festivals, churches, privates, and medium venues. In a nutshell, I am experienced. My day gig is as a Senior Mixer at a large nationally known recording studio. I've worked on several platinum and award winning records as an engineer. This knowledge is a bonus in helping a band rehearse and establish their sound. It's also helped me tremendously as a musician to be around and work with some top studio players. I've learned to edit my playing to just the essential notes. Silence is just as important as the notes themselves. I've also done a lot of live mixing and built several PA systems. Running FOH helps me as a musician know what works and all that is needed live.


Jimi, Duane, Clapton, Page, Brent Mason, Vince Gill, Joe Bonamassa - the usual guitar heroes. I like good songwriting. Beatles, Carol King, Lowell George, Luke Laird, Hillary Lindsay. I like good a riff - Zepplin, JB


Guitars; Too many. But I usually gig with two; a single coil and a hum bucker. Rigs - Two ; A large concert rig and "fly" or church rig. Amps - Three; a Fender, a Plexi, and an AC15. Then there's my two studios, see pics, with all the gear imaginable.



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