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musician seeking a band
 Roseville, CA  95661
Age: 46  Male

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Music style(s) Rock
I play Bass guitar
Available to practice Once a week or less
Available to gig Not ready to gig yet
Preferred song mix Covers
Experience level Advanced (5-10 years)
Music theory Some
Recording level Occasional




I'm a beginner / hobbyist looking to have fun and get into jamming & sharing a musical connection with others. On my own, I enjoy playing along to Classic Rock, Motown, whatever sounds good and piques my interest at the time. Since I've just been practicing by myself, I'm interested in doing covers for fun, getting live experience, and seeing where it goes from there. I've included some playthroughs here in my profile, so check them out and take a listen? :) Let's exchange song lists for jamming, and go from there. I'm open to learning and playing new material in the vein of any of the artists or genres here, and others - just listing some of my go-to's. Beatles Stones Motown Aerosmith Dave Matthews Band Zeppelin Hendrix Cream You get the idea. I definitely listen to a LOT of different stuff (ask later!) but it all doesn't necessarily translate into what I play. I am open to doing other things too.. Married, employed full-time, no drama, no vices. Pro gear. Good to go. Let's chat: Justin [at] Sounds2Go [dot] com


*** SONG SAMPLES / RECORDINGS *** Are available on my Bandmix profile page. Several covers / play throughs uploaded to their online player! [bandmix] [dot] [com] /medeskifan


Basses: - Fender American Precision (4 string) - Fender American Elite Jazz (4 string) - Ibanez SRH505F Fretless (5 string) - Schecter Diamond Elite Fretless (5 string, 35" scale) - Schecter Diamond SB-1 Fretless (4 string) STRINGS: All bases EXCEPT the Jazz have flatwounds. They have a smooth, FAT, ROUND sound with a lot of warmth and low end. The flats sound insanely good with overdrive, too, with LOTS of growl. I keep roundwounds on the Jazz (right now, today, no promises! ROFL) just to have that tighter, sharper, brighter sound available. Effects: The [BASS]ics, only used as / if needed, or just for fun. Distortion, Wah, Chorus, others. Amp: Current stack is 500w head and 2x10 cab. Perfect for practices, small to medium gigs w/ DI for FOH. Can add another cab for lower extension / coverage if needed. PA: I run a professional mobile DJ company as well, and so I have a great sound system, some vocal mics, etc. Can run sound reinforcement on my own for a small combo situation, or a full band if needed. Also have some dance and stage lighting, lasers, fog. Glad to bring what I have to the table, but other members are also expected to bring or invest in additional mics and sound reinforcement items as needed.



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