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Donald Dreigh

musician seeking a band
 Ellicott City, MD  21043
Age: 30  Male

Profile type musician seeking a band
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Music style(s) Rock
I play Acoustic Guitar
Seeking Drums/Percussion
Lead guitar
Bass guitar
Brass winds
Other Strings
Available to practice Once a week or less
Available to gig Not ready to gig yet
Preferred song mix Originals
Experience level Advanced (5-10 years)
Music theory None
Recording level Frequent


I am getting back into recording after a ten year hiatus. Have written a bunch of new material, enough songs for 1-2 new albums. Looking to form a band to get into the studio to record. Straightforward enough? This is where it maybe gets a little weird :-) I'm not the biggest fan of the current and creeping culture we live in. And while I am a Christian, too -- I really don't write "Praise the Lord" kinda stuff (will leave that to better and more inspired songwriters than me :-). Rather, I write to comment, critique and offer the alternative to the difficult post-Christian/post-Modern world we live in -- songs that shine a light on and bring life to subjects and ideas that are often ignored or dismissed. Looking for an accomplished lead guitarist, bass player, and drummer … as well as a keyboardist, horn player and sting player. The more additional instruments one might dabble in, the better. And no discrimination based on age, gender, creed, color, etc. If you are into, feel led and support the overall concept … and can play well enough to try to help me make “lemonade” out of these songs … would love to explore with you. Could be fun :-) . Let me know if you might be interested and thanks an advance.


A fan of Dylan, The Beatles (John before Paul), The Who, The Stones, Zeppelin, Bowie, Young, Reed, Robinson, Wonder, Gaye, Davies, Elvis (C not P) … who’s not, right? Extra credit if you know, love and embrace: Tindersticks, Guided By Voices, Nick Cave, Larry Norman, Pavement, Wilco, Smog, War, The Beta Band, Los Halos … anyone know of these?



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