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musician seeking a band
 Edinburg, TX  78541
Age: 30  Male

Profile type musician seeking a band
Member since May 28, 2022
Music style(s) Rock
I play Keyboards/piano
Lead guitar
Rhythm guitar
Available to practice More than 3 times a week
Available to gig More than 4 times a month
Preferred song mix Both (covers & originals)
Experience level Advanced (5-10 years)
Music theory Expert
Recording level Occasional


Experienced guitarist in Edinburg, TX looking for band. I can play Punk, Rock, Reggae, Blues-Rock, and more. Been playing guitar 13 years and learned mostly by ear. I know music theory. My favorite key is E major. Right now I could tell you all the notes and chords in E major, A major, C major, and F major. I've got this knowledge on-hand ready to go. I know the circle of fifths and can tell you how to transition from E minor chord to E major chord without anyone noticing. I can also play keyboard/piano. I have been playing for a year. My favorite music right now is the live concert recordings of the Rolling Stones between 1975 and 1982. It's better than any of their studio material. Most of it wasn't released till the last 10 years. I've learned a ton of stuff from it by ear (there's no alternative). I can play rhythm and solo parts from a lot of this material. I can play Beast of Burden as played live in Tempe, AZ 1981 (see youtube), all of keith's and ronnie's parts including solo. I can play Under My Thumb from the same concert, all of keith's parts including solo and most of ronnie's. I can play Waiting On A Friend from the same concert, both keith's parts and ronnie's parts. I can play Shattered as played on Still Life 1982 live album (it's basically a punk song), all of keith's and ronnie's parts including the solo. I can play Time Is On My Side from the same live album, all of keith's and ronnie's parts including solo. And more. 2nd favorite music right now: I'm finally studying Don Felder's and Joe Walsh's guitar playing and solos from Hotel California (song), Life's Been Good, and One of These Nights. I can play the rhythm of these songs and so far I've memorized the Hotel California solo up until the guitar duet part of Felder and Walsh. I can play HC in both Am and Bm. And I can play rhythm and the solo of One of These Nights. 3rd favorite music right now: I can play rhythm and solos of Pink Floyd's Time and Have a Cigar. 4th favorite music right now: Mick Ronson's guitar playing in the Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders From Mars 1973 live album. I have mostly figured out how to play Moonage Daydream, all of the rhythm and most of the solo.


Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Eric Clapton, Joe Walsh, Don Felder, David Gilmour, Mick Ronson, George Harrison.


Fender Strat, PRS McCarty 594 singlecut



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