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Music style(s) Rock
I play
Seeking Drums/Percussion
Lead guitar
Available to practice Twice a week
Available to gig Not ready to gig yet
Preferred song mix Both (covers & originals)
Experience level Professional
Music theory Some
Recording level Frequent


Pieces ( the band ) is looking for two players to continue an established musical project. The present members: George Storey ( bass; vocals ) and Chris Martin ( guitar; vocals ) have been working together for ten years. Both have been active musicians since the sixties and have compiled a great deal of cover arrangements as well as a recorded album of original material with a little help from their friends and past members. Strong vocals and a solid base for a great rhythm section. Looking for: Like-minded individuals - primarily a rip-snorting soloist that is not afraid to improvise, but is respectful of the song. Also, a drummer / percussionist with similar qualities: steady meter and dynamic with a soft touch when called upon. Pluses: Your own equipment and transportation. Maturity. We're not looking for senior citizens, though we qualify ourselves - so, certainly, no age restrictions, but emotional stability is required. Vocals are, certainly, a plus, for both harmonies and sharing the spotlight - though not an absolute necessity. We have survived before as a two-vocal, guitar driven outfit. This is not your traditional polishing of the classics. Though certainly aware of and respectful of Muddy, the Wolf, Willie Dixon, Chuck, and Bo, applicants should be aware of the early work of Beck, Clapton, and Page - as well as John Mayall, Savoy Brown, and Fleetwood Mac. ( Before Ms. Nicks. ) We have many recorded samples of both cover material and originals. Fully intended to be profitable, but fun and enjoyment is an absolute.



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