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Circleville, OH
Attitude: Relaxed, but professional
B > M
San Francisco, CA
Attitude: Nice
Kansas City, MO
M > B
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Attitude: Driven. Dedicated to the sound. Passionate about the message. One with the rhythm. Influential.
M > B
Desoto, TX
Attitude: Mature, positive.
Dayton, NJ
Attitude: Very professional attitude. All experienced musicians playing instruments 35+ years. Most of us have had record deals in the past
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Edmonds, WA
Attitude: New Wave, No Wave, Alternative, Indie Rock
Wheat Ridge, CO
Attitude: Laid back. Would like to fill a void if you need a bass. Steady.
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Mechanicsburg, PA
M > B
Houston, TX
Attitude: Considerate, and respectful.
El Segundo, CA
Attitude: I love making hard work fun
Glendora, CA
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Los Angeles, CA
Attitude: mellow relaxed
Nashville, TN
Attitude: Professional attitude, diligent, easy going, practical
Marblehead, MA
Attitude: Solid guitarist with tight harmonies. Looking for the next adventure
Lynnwood, WA
Attitude: We are veteran (in other words, old) musicians forming a new band doing primarily original music. We currently have keyboards/voca
M > B
La Crescenta, CA
Attitude: Want to have fun - dedicated
Lincoln, NE
Attitude: I like a mix of slam and death metal drums and vocals with more thrash guitar and bass.
M > B
Port Murray, NJ
Attitude: Team player.
Dallas, TX
Attitude: Friendly, Fun, I feel like I am a leader and good at organizing.
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Excelsior, MN
Attitude: I have played the guitar for 40 years. I played in blues combos in Minneapolis at first then moved to Memphis and played in rockab
M > M
San Francisco, CA
Attitude: Punk/DIY/committed/expressive
M > B
North Miami Beach, FL
Attitude: Professional, experienced, volume conscious, and always show up knowing the material.
Austin, TX
Attitude: creative, experimental, enthusiastic, meticulous, dedicated, reliable, experienced. Looking for low key, reliable, self-aware,
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benjaminmcclish Kansas City, MO 2
Denny_C Circleville, OH 3
Zie Fort Laude.., FL 3
Modrumma Atlanta, GA 4
Harmony Jacksonville, FL 5
Ryan Desoto, TX 6
Chris North Salt.., UT 6
GusGus Edmonds, WA 9
Bob LaFalce Wheat Ridge, CO 10
Moe Green's Eye Dayton, NJ 10
Donald Dreigh Ellicott C.., MD 11
Mike White Plains, MD 11
SCWHGP Mechanicsb.., PA 13
Rob Baldwin Park, CA 14
PeeWee Davis Fulton, MS 14
BK Merrick, NY 15
Drumman Berkeley S.., WV 16
Chris Georgetown, TX 18
TB82 Houston, TX 18
Preacher Glendora, CA 24
Jake Gorman Cary, NC 25
Marcus Cincinnati, OH 25
Gody Banks El Segundo, CA 28
GoFigya Morristown, NJ 29
dan Los Angeles, CA 32
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Moe Green's ..B > MDayton, NJ14
ZieM > BFort Lauderd.., FL12
IsaacM > MPeoria, AZ10
Ryan M > BDesoto, TX10
benjaminmccl..M > BKansas City, MO9
Denny_CM > BCircleville, OH9
TB82M > BHouston, TX9
Detained soc..B > MPiscataway, NJ9
Bob LaFalceM > BWheat Ridge, CO8
CLueramusicM > BNashville, TN8
Donald DreighB > MEllicott City, MD8
Gody BanksM > BEl Segundo, CA8
PreacherM > MGlendora, CA7
AllMadHereM > BFar Rockaway, NY7
RaymunM > BDallas, TX7

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