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Lodi, NJ
Attitude: Can be defined as a perfectionist at everything I do. I am fun to work with, friendly, driven, dedicated, enthusiastic and always
San Diego, CA
Attitude: Text or call Dan: 215-760-6721. Reverie Noise is an original music project, rock/alternative rock genre, looking for a bass pla
Glenside, PA
Attitude: Christian Contemporary Music I love music, I love playing , studying and composing
Redmond, WA
Attitude: There is no greater feeling than connecting through music with your band members and your audience.
San Anselmo, CA
Manahawkin, NJ
Attitude: Looking for a band. To play shows and record with. Can play to a click. I can even work with a band and send high quality Dru
Kirkland, WA
Attitude: Looking to join or form a band and perform/record/finish writing songs that I've written. I would love creative input from everyon
Demarest, NJ
Attitude: range from groove to thrash. generally hard hitting.
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Tulsa, OK
Attitude: On the search for a professional band that wants to play songs and have fun! (Covers or originals).
Ladys Island, SC
Attitude: Highly motivated and determined to play and tour for a living. I live, breathe, and sleep music but I’m very chill and easy to wor
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Little Rock, AR
Attitude: I am an avid electric guitarist based in Little Rock, AR who is looking for a rock/metal band to play with. I have experience play
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Burke, VA
Attitude: Friendly, no ego, looking to play live once a month
Irvine, CA
San Diego, CA
Attitude: Embracing life to the fullest. I have been singing literally all my life. I was in a band in my early 20s but, when I moved to the
Tustin, CA
Attitude: Weekend warrior
Indianapolis, IN
Attitude: Looking for a couple guys who are no bs very talented musicians that are into similar styles. Even if you aren't we might sound g
Cincinnati, OH
Attitude: I believe in excellence and authenticity
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Van Nuys, CA
Attitude: Professional, and can record + mix as I have been doing that professionally for 13 years
Worcester, MA
Studio City, CA
Herriman, UT
Attitude: Currently looking for a guitarist, bassist, and vocalist who are beginner to intermediate and who want to join a band. I currently
La Grange, IL
Attitude: Music is fun, it should be approached to give your best, keep working on your skills and it is a gift to be able to play!
San Diego, CA
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New Milford, NJ
Attitude: Pretty laid back but serious at the same time like to get things done, but not going to stroke out over it. Mostly want to have a
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One & Done San Anselmo, CA 6
Christopher Chroma Yorba Linda, CA 7
DJ1520 Muskegon, MI 9
mario-animal-drummer Demarest, NJ 11
shanebear56 Saint Louis, MO 12
accidentalwisdom East Longmeadow, MA 12
Mason9028 Ladys Island, SC 17
Ethan Little Rock, AR 18
Bazer Salem, OR 19
Tommy Tulsa, OK 19
ScreenName Burke, VA 21
MedicalMagus Saint Louis, MO 21
SHANE Lodi, NJ 23
Cat German Valley, IL 24
AJ Woodbridge, NJ 24
BanzaiBonsai Austin, TX 26
Reverie Noise San Diego, CA 26
Destro Watertown, NY 27
Michelle Garcia Irvine, CA 27
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JoeyM > BRockford, IL15
Jeff WolfM > BManahawkin, NJ15
SHANEM > BLodi, NJ14
Frank LawingM > MPort Jeffers.., NY13
JohnB > MMcHenry, IL13
EthanM > BLittle Rock, AR12
Bobby Can't ..B > MHutchinson, KS12
BazerM > BSalem, OR11
One & Do..M > BSan Anselmo, CA10
JawM > BEscondido, CA10
Michelle Gar..M > BIrvine, CA10

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Jun. 8, 2024 Apple River, IL Mid Summer Bash with The Real Deal
Sep. 14, 2024 Rocklin, CA Groove Thang

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