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Tampa, FL
Attitude: Not afraid to get weird,goofy, or distorted. lookin for raw, genuine, earnest grooves
M > B
Huntsville, AL
Attitude: outstanding
Denver, CO
Attitude: strong to quite strong
M > B
Broomfield, CO
Attitude: Very positive, professional, I learn my parts on covers before band rehearsal - never drama
San Pedro, CA
Attitude: I love playing music, life is too short not to jam all the time
Burbank, CA
Boise, ID
Charlotte, NC
Attitude: I'm just a funky little bastard, looking for other funky bastards to hang out with and write songs. The plan is to collect enough
M > B
Orlando, FL
Tacoma, WA
Attitude: Casual, but Serious
Riverside, CA
Attitude: Willing to play with adults who are true enthusiasts about the band AC/DC. I am a 49 year old bassist who is searching for a AC/DC
B > M
Hollywood, FL
M > B
Prior Lake, MN
Attitude: Experienced Bass Player. Love to play music. No arrogance. Good ear-fast learner. Want to play gigs! Believe in limited grou
Merrimack, NH
Attitude: positive, get it done
M > M
Canton, MI
Attitude: I’ve sung in Big Bands, jazz bands. Ive attended a prestigious Jazz Camp. I am currently in a jazz band. I’m looking for an ad
Everett, WA
Attitude: Looking to start/join a band to play melodic metal or some other catchy tunes. Open minded and non judgemental. Kind hearted but
Raleigh, NC
Attitude: I go into everything with the idea I want to entertain myself and others and have fun doing it. I love getting as creative as poss
Redding, CT
Attitude: I want to take music seriously. Write and record original music and gig.
Colts Neck, NJ
Attitude: n 2019, No Bad Days performed over 80 shows playing a mixture of covers and originals in NJ/NY/PA and now we’re looking for the
M > B
Columbus, GA
Attitude: I have a certain type of feel that I want the music I sing to put me into. It just makes it all worth while of putting the song to
M > M
Los Angeles, CA
M > B
Baltimore, MD
Attitude: I care STRONGLY about the character and morals of those I surround and work with. I wanna grow with others in our talents & go to
B > M
Austin, TX
M > B
Chesterland, OH
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AwkwardAndy Pittsburgh, PA Yesterday
Dave Leesburg, VA 2
curtisg Broomfield, CO 3
Dorian Roberts San Pedro, CA 4
Karita Omaha, NE 6
UmaC Leander, TX 7
Noan Partly Tampa, FL 7
DigDug Dresher, PA 9
ScottR Loma Linda, CA 11
isabella13 Burbank, CA 12
Kid Cole Newport, KY 12
Scourge Pittsburgh, PA 16
IanL Orlando, FL 17
APTRGANGR NAR Charlotte, NC 17
ScottH Orlando, FL 20
Matthew Austin Cypress, TX 20
Puget Sound Punks Tacoma, WA 20
Acdcbassist Riverside, CA 23
The Sugar Daddys Santa Ana, CA 23
dorta Hollywood, FL 23
ChuckMetal Penryn, CA 24
Morkenna Boise, ID 24
jodo_baggins Lancaster, OH 25
Duane Prior Lake, MN 26
TediBair Northridge, CA 27
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SALEMS BELOV..B > MPortland, ME65
Dorian Rober..M > BSan Pedro, CA22
isabella13B > MBurbank, CA16
Acdcbassist M > BRiverside, CA13
KevinRichmondM > BLeonard, MI13
DaveB > MLeesburg, VA13
GratefuljohnM > BBrooklyn, NY13
curtisgM > BBroomfield, CO12
No Bad Days ..B > MColts Neck, NJ12
DuaneM > BPrior Lake, MN12
Puget Sound ..B > MTacoma, WA12
Rainey M > BColumbus, GA12
jhinton91M > BDenver, CO11
BaronOz99M > BAnnandale, NJ11

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