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American Fork, UT
Attitude: I like odd meters and tasty timbres. I write down tunes from dreams. I have some songs more or less done, but I want to hear how
Bensalem, PA
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Takoma Park, MD
Attitude: Collaborative, serious about getting the best sound and arrangements possible, professional, relaxed, friendly.
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Dickinson, TX
Attitude: Team player and contributor. Good communication skills. Humble and no ego. Just don’t expect to play only root notes lol
Stamford, CT
Attitude: Relaxed. Able to organize a band and find gigs.
McHenry, IL
Attitude: We play a mix of covers and originals. We have 2 guitarists, lead singer and drummer, but our bass player left the band. We practi
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Los Angeles, CA
Attitude: I have a day job, but I’m still serious about playing good music. There’s many type of music I’m into, but you have to be go
East Flat Rock, NC
Attitude: I've recently moved to NC from New Zealand! I've been playing in bands for 25+ years. I like pop songs with noisy guitars but I'm
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Jamaica, NY
Attitude: I've never been in a band before, but I've been called in a sub for a few local groups. Really, I just want to play my drums with
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Carthage, TN
Attitude: I like to work. Love to have fun while making music with great people but like to get something done while at practice.
Newbury Park, CA
Dudley, MA
Attitude: Committed, reliable, sense of humor, fun, confident, stage presence
Arlington Heights, IL
Attitude: I created the music project December Rising several years ago to release my own music However I'm now interested in forming a part
Vista, CA
Attitude: Energy, sexy, barefoot, free and loose
East Wakefield, NH
Attitude: Versatile, well-rounded, adaptable Bass Guitarist, Vocalist (Lead and Harmonies), Rhythm, and Acoustic Guitarist. Could possibly p
El Dorado Hills, CA
Attitude: Hey! I’m a vocalist and singer-songwriter with many songs looking for a band to get behind them to record and play. I’ve linke
Los Angeles, CA
Attitude: We are a new forming band looking for a singer who are hungry and determined rock ensemble out of Los Angeles with aspirations to
M > M
Dallas, TX
Attitude: NOTE: The audio clips in the top right are just samples of possible pieces we could expand on together. Click through to SoundClou
Austell, GA
Attitude: Level headed. No drama. Calm demeaner, but, once a mic is in my hand, the magic happens.
Hamtramck, MI
Attitude: Let's have fun but work to create something we can be proud of. Attitude and dedication are more important than incredible skill.
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Charlotte, NC
Attitude: Looking for genuine, authentic, and kind musicians who value a good environment and are talented/passionate about creating music.
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Philadelphia, PA
Attitude: I am a hyper sales professional who likes to rock in the evenings and weekends. I don't care about drama. I just want to learn s
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Paulden, AZ
Attitude: Professional
M > B
Plainfield, IL
Attitude: Easy going want to have fun. I played in bands years ago and I want to get back into playing again.
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JoelH Alpharetta, GA Yesterday
Bob Takoma Park, MD Yesterday
Prema Dasi Alameda, CA 2
TBA Dickinson, TX 3
Daniel Kansas City, MO 3
Guitarist11 Rancho Palos Verdes, CA 3
Stusinclair100 Braintree, MA 4
bob Keyport, NJ 5
chrishackett Stamford, CT 5
Berblan Dallas, TX 6
SemperFidelity Sterling, VA 7
Singlecoil East Flat Rock, NC 10
StudentofRhythm American Fork, UT 11
byod Jamaica, NY 11
VINI_D McHenry, IL 11
Shane Carthage, TN 12
Pete Los Angeles, CA 12
Undecided on name Newbury Park, CA 13
AGeekDad McHenry, IL 13
CatnipJunkies Dudley, MA 13
December Rising Arlington Heights, IL 14
CocoShilo Vista, CA 15
Johnny Britain 🇬🇧 East Wakefield, NH 15
julianneyonano El Dorado Hills, CA 16
Pizazz Los Angeles, CA 17
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jdwilliams101M > BLas Vegas, NV4

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