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Richmond, CA
Attitude: Positive. Crazy. Positively crazy.
Colorado Springs, CO
Attitude: On stage- High Energy Hangin out- mellow to crazy Business- professional
M > B
Baltimore, MD
Attitude: Goal 👉 I want to retire from my 45 year truck driving career and supplement my SS check by singing on a regular basis 👍
M > B
Houston, TX
Attitude: Laid back, but serious when I need to be
Seminole, FL
Attitude: Long story short, we're a group of teens who are very very committed to going big, but we need very very committed people to do so
B > M
Fort Lauderdale, FL
M > M
Missouri City, TX
Attitude: I'm pretty mellow and I think my taste in music reflects that. I'm looking for an acoustic guitarist to write with and maybe play
B > M
Parker, CO
Attitude: we are very laid back, yet very focused and goal oriented. Absolutely NO DRAMA is or will be tolerated!
B > M
Peachtree City, GA
Attitude: We want individuals who are laid back. We have all been playing more than 25 years. We're pros. No drama. If it's not fun and exci
Dumont, NJ
Justin, TX
Attitude: Rocker chick, ready to play!!!
Tracy, CA
M > B
Nottingham, MD
Attitude: Need to play!! Was In a Band thru High School then life happened. Around 2000 the guys got back together, I picked music up again
M > B
Philadelphia, PA
Attitude: Old head/weekend warrior...let's see where it goes.
M > M
Los Angeles, CA
Attitude: I live for music. I am writing songs everyday. I like songs with a darker edge, and enjoy all styles and tempos. I have been writi
Los Angeles, CA
Attitude: Totally open to joining a cool creative pursuit. I want to find a stimulating collaboration where I can fit into either an existin
M > B
Charlotte, NC
Attitude: Pretty laid back but takes music fairly serious. I’ve been playing the drums off and on for the last 20 years. Recently moved to
M > B
Granbury, TX
Attitude: Happy, loving & adventurous!
Greensburg, PA
Brentwood, TN
Attitude: Laid-back, easy going attitude, interested in learning more about music and growing as a player with a group. New to Nashville and
Denver, CO
Attitude: Paasionate, diligent, goal oriented
Denver, CO
Vacaville, CA
Attitude: Looking for Utility guy. Dobro or Fiddle or Pedal Steel and Piano. For Fairs Festivals and Casinos
Middleburg, FL
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Ed the guitarist West Islip, NY 6
Jimmy Smallwood Madison, TN 8
Sledge Fort Laude.., FL 8
Amanda Missouri C.., TX 8
Death Buffalo Denver, CO 10
EVRE1 Belmont, MA 10
Ray Parker, CO 12
Rakwesasne Loganville, GA 15
Killing Monday Mesa, AZ 16
ChaseR La Grange, KY 16
Luvsonordrums Fort Laude.., FL 17
Upintheair Arnold, MD 18
Grae North Rich.., TX 18
dvaldes Austin, TX 19
IanMichaels Redondo Be.., CA 19
TonySkyz Dumont, NJ 21
JLava Peachtree .., GA 21
MandeeMoe Justin, TX 22
Gerald Charity Houston, TX 24
snicoleon Tracy, CA 26
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AmandaM > MMissouri City, TX15
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snicoleonM > BTracy, CA13
Ed the guitar..M > BWest Islip, NY10
SledgeB > MFort Lauderda.., FL10
RayB > MParker, CO10
SkyB > MMoreno Valley, CA10
GuitarZanM > MSalem, OR9
JLavaB > MPeachtree Cit.., GA9
TonySkyzM > BDumont, NJ9
RevolucienM > BColorado Spri.., CO9
Moe_DeathB > MRichmond, CA8
AntoineRinoM > MDenver, CO8
scottyM > BSatellite Bea.., FL8
TommyWM > BNottingham, MD8

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