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Rutherford, NJ
Attitude: Goal: A Serious Musician. Form/Join A Serious Band with Aspirations to Make It Big - I Don't Abuse Any Substances - I Don't W
B > M
San Pablo, CA
Attitude: Hard Rock in your face sometimes aggressive sometimes dark and moody.
M > B
Brooklyn, NY
Attitude: Reliable, passionate, adventurous, big picture.
M > B
Jacksonville, FL
Attitude: I began playing drums in 1977, and then professionally in 1980 in Long Island NY. I played the professional club and wedding circu
Palo Alto, CA
Attitude: I'm also a rock drummer - need I say more?
Huntington Beach, CA
Litchfield Park, AZ
Attitude: I’m an older player with a good attitude. I’ve played in bands for many years as a member and as a leader. I enjoy performing.
Vista, CA
Attitude: I am a guitarist first and foremost but can hold my own on most traditional instruments. I know how to sing - but I have a terrib
Peoria, AZ
Attitude: Willing to go along with just about anything, i’m just looking for more experience and opportunity
Portland, OR
Attitude: Hi! I'm a singer and acoustic guitarist hoping to find other folks in the Portland area to jam and perform with. I've been a sing
Walnut Creek, CA
Plano, TX
Attitude: We are a cover band playing late 70s and 80s rock ‘n’ roll. We are pretty laid-back and want to have fun with this project.
M > B
Portland, OR
Attitude: Hello fellow traveler, your friendly neighborhood __ here! Looking to Start/Join an Open, Groove-Oriented, Local Group. Flexible
San Diego, CA
Attitude: God no drugs no alcoholic
Wilmington, DE
Attitude: A Praise and Worship Band playing regional venues and festivals with a wide variety of musical styles. Committed and Passionate a
M > B
Wayzata, MN
Attitude: I have been playing drums for most of my life. I have played with many bands over the years. I have good equipment. I have li
El Cajon, CA
Attitude: The band Enola Reven formed in January 2020 and currently consists of two guitarists at the moment. We now are looking for a drumm
B > M
Walls, MS
Brooklyn, NY
Elk Grove, CA
Attitude: Always ready to learn and play!
Brooklyn, NY
Attitude: Love giving emotions through songs..
M > B
Carol Stream, IL
M > B
El Monte, CA
Attitude: I want to make a Rumahoy cover band
M > B
Scottsdale, AZ
Attitude: Ready to go!
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vlehchu Coatesville, PA 23
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ashland55 New Lenox, IL 26
pam Mamaroneck, NY 27
AaronAlive1 San Diego, CA 30
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