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Sacramento, CA
Attitude: I am looking for a guitarist, drummer, bassist, and DJ/mixer to help with production and synths. I am doing this project for Jesus
Nashville, TN
Attitude: Pretty quirky and up spirit
Austin, TX
Attitude: Passionate, committed
Choctaw, OK
Attitude: Channel 3 OKC is seeking a committed alpha keyboardist with backup vocals to join one of the hottest rock covers acts in town. We
Olathe, KS
Attitude: Committed + Fun. We work full-time jobs so practice time is limited to once per week.
Benicia, CA
Attitude: Great
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Coldwater, MI
Attitude: Committed
Caldwell, NJ
Attitude: Fun, chill, eager to learn whatever necessary,
Caldwell, TX
Attitude: Very laid back and easy going but pays attention to details. Expects professionalism and will give the same in return.
West Palm Beach, FL
Attitude: Need bass and keyboard! Our mission is to provide the dopest, loudest, most grooviest R&B/Funk experience for any venue through ex
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Bronx, NY
Attitude: Chill
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Stockbridge, GA
Attitude: Must be committed, have a professional attitude and check your ego at the door.
Monroe, LA
Attitude: Passionate about music but very laid back and easy going. Just trying to enjoy life and make music that expresses myself. I would
San Rafael, CA
Attitude: Easy-going, collaborative, eclectic, drinky
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Cedar Falls, IA
Attitude: Generally funny and smiley, have a lot of pent up frustrations that could come into the music as well
Naperville, IL
Attitude: Laid back.. Looking to form or join a Classic Rock, Rock or Tribute band. Preferably in the western suburbs. Drummer for over 3
Lisa T
B > M
Los Angeles, CA
Attitude: Nice, easygoing
Lynnwood, WA
Attitude: We are serious about booking regular gigs when we find the right musicians to join. We have a starting venue ready.
M > B
Herndon, VA
Attitude: My attitude as far as music goes is that you play as a band, not as individuals, that you have to be willing to try anything music
New York, NY
Attitude: Love rockabilly, southern rock, country....just want to play and have a good time
Naperville, IL
Attitude: We are a serious, fun, collaborative new folk-rock band. I (Rob) sing, write, and play rhythm. We have a bassist and a lead guit
Atlanta, GA
Attitude: Versatile range and style. Powerful, soulful, playful, high energy, emotional
San Diego, CA
Attitude: I am a vocalist whose band is breaking up. :( I've been singing with a cover band for the last three years and want to find a new
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