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Denver, CO
Attitude: strong to quite strong
Raleigh, NC
Attitude: I go into everything with the idea I want to entertain myself and others and have fun doing it. I love getting as creative as poss
M > B
Huntsville, AL
Attitude: outstanding
Redding, CT
Attitude: I want to take music seriously. Write and record original music and gig.
Colts Neck, NJ
Attitude: n 2019, No Bad Days performed over 80 shows playing a mixture of covers and originals in NJ/NY/PA and now we’re looking for the
Everett, WA
Attitude: Looking to start/join a band to play melodic metal or some other catchy tunes. Not wanting to chug and shred constantly. Open mi
M > B
Columbus, GA
Attitude: I have a certain type of feel that I want the music I sing to put me into. It just makes it all worth while of putting the song to
M > M
Los Angeles, CA
M > B
Baltimore, MD
Attitude: I care STRONGLY about the character and morals of those I surround and work with. I wanna grow with others in our talents & go to
B > M
Austin, TX
M > B
Chesterland, OH
Phoenix, AZ
Attitude: Creative environment. Not trying to tour the world. Local gigs every couple weeks and frequent recording.
M > B
Circleville, OH
Attitude: Relaxed, but professional
Los Angeles, CA
Tacoma, WA
Attitude: Good team member, motivated and positive, always has something to bring to a group.
Los Angeles, CA
Attitude: I am an LA-based singer looking for a band. I have sung in gospel choirs, soul bands, and R&B + funk bands. I am currently singin
B > M
Pittsburgh, PA
Attitude: Top 40/Rock/Dance Band I'm looking to put a band together and play songs that will keep the dance floor filled. Wide variety of s
Ridgewood, NY
Carmichael, CA
Attitude: I have a positive, collaborate attitude. I love to hear and share different ideas and develop songs together as a group. I enjoy b
New York, NY
Attitude: Playing for the love of music in both creating, performing, and connecting through it. Checking egos at the door and ensuring that
Big Al
M > B
Louisville, KY
Attitude: Always show up on time and Never miss practice or gigs! No drugs, no drinking, no drama! Just MUSIC!!!
Kansas City, MO
M > B
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Attitude: Driven. Dedicated to the sound. Passionate about the message. One with the rhythm. Influential.
Omaha, NE
Attitude: Chill
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Roger Dale Martin Clarksville, TN Yesterday
Rschoedel8421 Sandy, UT Yesterday
Drools Auburn, WA 2
RonnieR Los Angeles, CA 6
jhinton91 Denver, CO 6
Conroy Huntsville, AL 11
The Love Language Los Angeles, CA 14
Joe Essex, MD 14
GypsyPriest Durham, NC 14
nancelot Redding, CT 16
No Bad Days Band Colts Neck, NJ 16
Rainey Columbus, GA 18
Frantic Revision Raleigh, NC 20
pena Los Angeles, CA 21
Debbie Matthews, NC 23
Meteor Van Nuys, CA 27
HighDrive Kansas City, MO 28
Leeski Santa Fe S.., CA 28
Brian2112 Everett, WA 29
ALowe Indianapolis, IN 29
RyGuy Denver, CO 29
Fa.L1f3 Baltimore, MD 31
Ties Austin, TX 32
MICHAEL Los Angeles, CA 33
Matt Chesterland, OH 34
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SALEMS BELOV..B > MPortland, ME46
Touch of Gra..B > MMiami, FL12
ConroyM > BHuntsville, AL11
jjanthonyM > BPerth Amboy, NJ11
timmahM > BWeatherford, OK10
Shredder Pin..M > BMontpelier, OH9
Sunshine_Dun..M > BBellevue, WA8
VHBB > MWaterford, MI8
ChrisM > BMonroe, NC8
jhinton91M > BDenver, CO8
CameronB > MVilla Rica, GA7
Ideal Trainw..B > MSanta Cruz, CA7
Frantic Revi..M > BRaleigh, NC7
StClairM > BBarnesville, GA7
Brian2112M > BEverett, WA7

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