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Michigan City, IN
Attitude: Already have albums on spotify and many other music streaming platforms. Krank Company of Shadows if you want to check it out to g
Sunnyside, NY
Attitude: quirky, funny, and ecologically conscious
Nottingham, MD
Attitude: We are looking for a bass player to join our band. Our music is a mix of covers and originals. We practice in Perry Hall. Drummer
Nashville, TN
Attitude: Hard worker, can learn songs quickly, meticulous attention to detail and authenticity, professional attitude. If I say I'll do so
Westfield, IN
Rocky Hill, NJ
San Francisco, CA
Attitude: If I'm going to be in a band, I want to do it properly and try to become successful! Also, I don't really have much interest in ma
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Brooklyn, NY
Greenwood, IN
Attitude: Love playing guitar. Playing for over 30 years. Developed a unique playing style. Videos available at YouTube. Search for alan leo
Chambersburg, PA
Attitude: Have a great time and voice your musical rights
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McKenzie, TN
Attitude: Enjoy making music!
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San Diego, CA
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Humble, TX
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Palatine, IL
Attitude: Im a team player with pro gear and reliable transportation.
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Astoria, NY
Attitude: Dedicate. Looking for a band to jam, create and perform if it is possible
Denver, CO
Attitude: We lost our guitarist during the mixing of our first album at the end of last year and are starting to get a little nervous at th
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Chicago, IL
Attitude: Team player looking for a working band that wants to write original songs full of energy.
Rochester, MI
Attitude: Super chill
Troy, MI
Attitude: We have over 10 years of experience in our instruments. Help us help you. We are interested in getting the best in the area, but n
Chicago, IL
Attitude: Positive, Collaborative and Passionate. I am team player and possess a lot of experience in the music business. This project is to
Elgin, IL
Attitude: Hey! We're a relatively new group of 4 guys in our mid-20s that include a vocalist/guitarist, guitarist, bassist, and drummer. We
Wichita, KS
Attitude: jam, home recording, want to gig
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Medina, OH
Attitude: Super chill and just looking for like-minded musicians to play, record, etc. I have a nice setup with a complete drum kit and more
Miami, FL
Attitude: Determined, disciplined, coachable, dependable, and easy going
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AndreDrummer Atlanta, GA Yesterday
VersaillesHayK Voorhees, NJ Yesterday
Tommy Burnsville, MN Yesterday
Keith222 Nashville, TN 3
Johnny-V Saint Paul, MN 4
BoJamz Seattle, WA 4
IndyAnneO Westfield, IN 4
sonarman Baton Rouge, LA 4
JLA Baltimore, MD 5
Kronotheory San Antonio, TX 6
dudopandthebeat Rocky Hill, NJ 6
PhunkyOne Bowie, MD 7
DA_Mitrovic San Franci.., CA 9
Thunder Sharon Cen.., OH 9
AJLEONARDI Greenwood, IN 10
CJ7653 McKenzie, TN 11
dinavox Brooklyn, NY 12
Ro Conroe, TX 13
Jennivere and The Vaccines Brooklyn, NY 13
Sam San Diego, CA 14
FreedomTeam Chambersburg, PA 15
Dave Westland, MI 15
Patrick Chandler, AZ 16
Despina Palatine, IL 19
Ozzy Astoria, NY 20
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Jennivere and..B > MBrooklyn, NY34
LorieB > MHumble, TX30
DA_MitrovicM > BSan Francisco, CA26
dinavoxM > BBrooklyn, NY24
FreedomTeamB > MChambersburg, PA23
AJLEONARDIM > BGreenwood, IN18
Jeff PhillipsM > BPalatine, IL17
CJ7653B > MMcKenzie, TN17
dortaB > MHollywood, FL15
RhynoM > MChicago, IL15
SamM > BSan Diego, CA15
dudopandthebe..B > MRocky Hill, NJ15
Keith222M > BNashville, TN14
PartisanB > MTroy, MI13
JuneBug BayerM > MSunnyside, NY13

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