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Northridge, CA
Attitude: Professional Hard Rock band
Tampa, FL
Attitude: Not afraid to get weird,goofy, or distorted. lookin for raw, genuine, earnest grooves
West Hollywood, CA
Attitude: Hey, I'm looking for a band who enjoy playing classic rock, indie, blues, and basically any genre that will allow me to have a swe
M > M
Hanover, PA
Attitude: I'm here to find bands to record :)
Malden, MA
Attitude: BWA HA HA!!! Proud member of Hair Nation. Bringing back the Revolution of '87 down Final Net Blvd.
Bethel, OH
Attitude: Focused
M > B
Lake Villa, IL
Attitude: I've moved from Chicago to the Northern Suburbs and am looking for a band to play with as a vocalist! I used to practice once a we
Palatine, IL
Attitude: I listen well, and I'm always in sync with drums/percussion. I enjoy adding bass parts to originals, and have an ear for productio
Louisville, KY
Philadelphia, PA
M > B
Newark, IL
Attitude: I'm pretty chill, easy to get along with, and motivated to make some music.
Stoughton, MA
Attitude: Interacts with audience as their good time is essential!!! My band is my family...I do it because it is in my soul...been entertai
Scottsdale, AZ
Attitude: Just want to jam. I’m a home producer/vocalist/synth player with a wide variety of styles.
Culver City, CA
Attitude: Professional, dedicated, team player, no egos
M > B
Orlando, FL
Attitude: Easy going
M > B
Broomfield, CO
Attitude: Very positive, professional, I learn my parts on covers before band rehearsal - never drama
Boise, ID
Attitude: I can sing various vocal styles; soft, harmonies, growls, power.....seeking musicians who want a little variety
San Pedro, CA
Attitude: I love playing music, life is too short not to jam all the time
Burbank, CA
Charlotte, NC
Attitude: I'm just a funky little bastard, looking for other funky bastards to hang out with and write songs. The plan is to collect enough
M > B
Orlando, FL
Tacoma, WA
Attitude: Casual, but Serious
Riverside, CA
Attitude: Willing to play with adults who are true enthusiasts about the band AC/DC. I am a 49 year old bassist who is searching for a AC/DC
B > M
Hollywood, FL
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Days ago
DLaV Los Angeles, CA 2
jimgrosby San Diego, CA 3
galenross West Holly.., CA 4
Jacob Orlando, FL 9
Brendan_Marein Cleveland, OH 10
Julie Trenton, NC 11
MARK Orange, TX 11
BobD Tooele, UT 11
blackdeath91 Feastervil.., PA 12
Cericola Hermitage, TN 13
Jess Columbus, OH 13
BaileyMitchell Cypress, TX 14
Aeded Hanover, PA 15
Led Foot Chino Hills, CA 16
AnthonyR Patterson, NY 17
jkvov Plainfield, IL 17
Jeff Chandler, AZ 18
HighStreet Northridge, CA 19
The Pink Malden, MA 19
JaeM Maynard, MA 21
Spyderco Windermere, FL 21
Ace Parlier Bethel, OH 25
izykactus Portland, OR 25
Melissa Montgomery Alhambra, CA 25
NONE Fort Laude.., FL 25
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SALEMS BELOV..B > MPortland, ME122
DivaJenM > BLake Villa, IL36
galenrossM > BWest Hollywo.., CA29
Dorian Rober..M > BSan Pedro, CA29
HighStreetB > MNorthridge, CA28
The PinkM > BMalden, MA26
Noan PartlyM > MTampa, FL24
NateLIttle20M > BLouisville, KY23
curtisgM > BBroomfield, CO23
Jeff PhillipsM > BPalatine, IL23
Mea SavageM > MScottsdale, AZ23
Regi MarieM > BStoughton, MA22
AededM > MHanover, PA22
EdM > BOrlando, FL22

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