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Chicago, IL
Attitude: Laid back and happy to be here. Looking for a cool open minded lead guitar player.
Charlotte, NC
Attitude: I have been playing drums for 8 years. I play various styles of metal including progressive rock, progressive metal, thrash metal,
San Diego, CA
Attitude: I play bass for over 30 years and have professional experience. Since arriving in the US in 2000, I have played with 2 bands and
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Bloomsburg, PA
B > F
Phoenix, AZ
M > B
Denver, CO
Attitude: I am really easy going and a team player and get along well with others. I have played in a few bands over the years and have
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Long Island City, NY
Attitude: Energetic always ready to work and have a good time with it!
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Spokane, WA
Attitude: peachy
South Pasadena, CA
Louisville, CO
Attitude: I believe in being open minded and hearing out other people's ideas. Bands succeed with collaboration. But I also think work ethic
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Las Vegas, NV
Attitude: hello <3 im ryu and im 20 years old. kinda just wanna start a band for fun, where everyone learns and grows from eachother :)
Sanford, FL
Attitude: Just wanna play some music, gig and have some fun.
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Richmond, TX
Attitude: Chill and laidback, as well as eager to learn. Just an overall fan of music!
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Denver, CO
Attitude: Hey, I'm Andee, I'm a 32 year old woman with a dream and I'm tired of it being a passive one. I am a singer/song-writer looking fo
Duarte, CA
Attitude: I'm a bassist looking to play in a band, or perhaps in a studio setting. I'm also willing to do fill-in work. My biggest strength
Los Angeles, CA
Attitude: I've been doing this for a long time, and I'm in it for a good time.
M > B
Northbrook, IL
Attitude: I’m seeking a band that writes its own material and focuses on recording and touring. The genres that interest me the most are:
Downey, CA
Rockwall, TX
Attitude: Loud. Big. Bold and Different
Edgerton, MO
Attitude: One's life is what they make of it. It will not always be smooth sailing. Hard times will make or break you. Not choosing the late
West Palm Beach, FL
Attitude: Established Aerosmith tribute band seeking lead vocalist to be our 'Steven Tyler'
Silver Spring, MD
Attitude: seeking drummer for progressive/alternative/indie project. Guitarist/vocalist and bass/vocalist with songs ready to perform and r
Lebanon, TN
Attitude: I'm a veteran keyboardist with over 50 years of professional playing experience. I'm passionate about my playing, but checked my
Dallas, TX
Attitude: Laid back and trippy.
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Andre Austin, TX 3
Carson Railing Charlotte, NC 3
RT Moondog Dana Point, CA 3
Darko Petrovic San Diego, CA 4
Cujo Wellsville, MO 5
Billy Dowling Miami, FL 5
JackApp Arlington Heights, IL 5
Count Gorloth Tampa, FL 5
TWOFEW Phoenix, AZ 6
Tux Panthera Austin, TX 6
Frank Cecere Charlotte, NC 7
Steve Bloomsburg, PA 7
ArcolaBridge Chicago, IL 8
Ciara Jandreau South Pasadena, CA 8
Ryu Las Vegas, NV 9
Erwan Long Island City, NY 9
Davis Christopher Virginia Beach, VA 9
turingTantram Louisville, CO 11
Josyh Richmond, TX 11
VOODOO Denver, CO 11
Robert Spokane, WA 11
EnglishBassist Sanford, FL 12
Andee Denver, CO 12
RonJon Hanover Park, IL 13
Scott Atlanta, GA 14
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VOODOOM > BDenver, CO8
EnglishBassis..M > BSanford, FL8
RoccoM > BNorthbrook, IL8

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