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San Francisco, CA
Attitude: Nice
Vincentown, NJ
Attitude: I am really looking for someone to collaborate with in both songwriting and performance. I would like to find a lead vocalist (pre
David M
M > B
San Francisco, CA
Attitude: Open to try anything. Love music and love being on stage. Aim is not to make money making music, but certainly not against it.
Sacramento, CA
Attitude: I am looking for a guitarist, drummer, bassist, and DJ/mixer to help with production and synths. I am doing this project for Jesus
Glendora, CA
El Segundo, CA
Attitude: I love making hard work fun
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Los Angeles, CA
Attitude: mellow relaxed
Nashville, TN
Attitude: Professional attitude, diligent, easy going, practical
Marblehead, MA
Attitude: Solid guitarist with tight harmonies. Looking for the next adventure
Lynnwood, WA
Attitude: We are veteran (in other words, old) musicians forming a new band doing primarily original music. We currently have keyboards/voca
M > B
La Crescenta, CA
Attitude: Want to have fun - dedicated
Lincoln, NE
Attitude: I like a mix of slam and death metal drums and vocals with more thrash guitar and bass.
M > B
Port Murray, NJ
Attitude: Team player.
M > B
Excelsior, MN
Attitude: I have played the guitar for 40 years. I played in blues combos in Minneapolis at first then moved to Memphis and played in rockab
M > M
San Francisco, CA
Attitude: Punk/DIY/committed/expressive
M > B
North Miami Beach, FL
Attitude: Professional, experienced, volume conscious, and always show up knowing the material.
Austin, TX
Attitude: creative, experimental, enthusiastic, meticulous, dedicated, reliable, experienced. Looking for low key, reliable, self-aware,
Austin, TX
Attitude: I love to sing and play the piano. I'm not fancy and I dont try to be someone I'm not. I want my music to bring people to a happy
Escondido, CA
Attitude: In it to win it...
Golden, CO
Attitude: Very laid back
Seguin, TX
M > B
Pittsburgh, PA
Attitude: Serious about the music and overall band performance, however I also want this to be a fun and enjoyable experience for everyone.
Deltona, FL
Attitude: Dedicated
Austin, TX
Attitude: Very energetic and positive 58!
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