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Huntley, IL
Attitude: Professional, collaboration; songwriting, recording and gigs
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Lodi, NJ
Attitude: Can be defined as a perfectionist at everything I do. I am fun to work with, friendly, driven, dedicated, enthusiastic and always
Atlanta, GA
Attitude: Positive
Melrose, MA
Attitude: Two kids in grown up bodies currently regrouping our setup. We've recorded a few songs (see URL) and have a ton more ideas just wa
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Dayton, OH
North Las Vegas, NV
Attitude: I have been singing all my life professionally and for fun. I would love to be in a band/jam/gig/create but am an amateur with equ
Quincy, MA
Attitude: I love collaborative creativity!
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Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Attitude: If you stay ready, you won't have to get ready... Committed and always open to song preference from other members. Prefer to have
Renton, WA
Attitude: Looking to do covers centered around '80's and '90's hits, but not afraid to go older or newer if the inspiration strikes! Ideally
Los Angeles, CA
Attitude: Looking for musicians to play gigs with in LA. I’m a singer/songwriter coming from Italy and I have some originals I’d like to sta
New Port Richey, FL
Attitude: No bad habits, I am always trying to better myself. Theirs always more room for improvement. Easy going perfectionist.
Glenside, PA
Attitude: Christian Contemporary Music I love music, I love playing , studying and composing
Redmond, WA
Attitude: There is no greater feeling than connecting through music with your band members and your audience.
San Anselmo, CA
Manahawkin, NJ
Attitude: Looking for a band. To play shows and record with. Can play to a click. I can even work with a band and send high quality Dru
Kirkland, WA
Attitude: Looking to join or form a band and perform/record/finish writing songs that I've written. I would love creative input from everyon
Demarest, NJ
Attitude: range from groove to thrash. generally hard hitting.
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Tulsa, OK
Attitude: On the search for a professional band that wants to play songs and have fun! (Covers or originals).
Herriman, UT
Attitude: Currently looking for a bassist, who is beginner to intermediate and who wants to join a band. I currently have myself, a drummer,
Ladys Island, SC
Attitude: Highly motivated and determined to play and tour for a living. I live, breathe, and sleep music but I’m very chill and easy to wor
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Burke, VA
Attitude: Friendly, no ego, looking to play live once a month
San Diego, CA
Attitude: Text or call Dan: 215-760-6721. Reverie Noise is an original music project, rock/alternative rock genre, looking for a bass pla
Irvine, CA
San Diego, CA
Attitude: Embracing life to the fullest. I have been singing literally all my life. I was in a band in my early 20s but, when I moved to the
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Armor M > BSpring, TX15
TekerryM > BOlive Branch, MS14
Coliope1506M > MGilbert, AZ12

Upcoming shows

Jul. 13, 2024 Beloit, IL The Real Deal at Grand Ave Pub
Sep. 14, 2024 Rocklin, CA Groove Thang

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