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Austin, TX
Attitude: We Travel a lot statewide + International. We are fun and easy to get along with. We just expect a level of professionalism when
Austin, TX
Attitude: I'm a pretty seasoned guitarist looking for other musicians to play some post rock/instrumental/ambient stuff, make friends with,
M > B
Memphis, TN
Attitude: Live gig oriented
M > B
Malden, MA
Attitude: Positive.
Brooklyn, NY
Attitude: Multi instrumentalist looking for 2 guitar players and a drummer for live shows in the NYC area. I already have 4 songs and an up
Austin, TX
Attitude: Drummer Seeking Band - just moved to Austin from Tampa and was gigging with a couple bands there. Looking to find some cool musici
M > B
Arlington, TX
Attitude: Open book. Easy to read. Chill. I love learning from other musicians
B > M
Fairfax, VA
Attitude: Play threw your soul and let others feel you.
M > B
Missouri City, TX
Bolton, MA
Attitude: High energy rock and pop hits! We’re currently seeking a new female lead vocalist! Could that be you? Contact us and send us
M > B
Cedar Park, TX
Attitude: Vocalist, serious about making original music and gigging. I'm super chill and introverted, but I want to rock. I don't care too m
James B
B > M
Los Angeles, CA
Attitude: Having a good time playing music and entertaining people...
San Diego, CA
Attitude: Hey everyone! Looking to start a cover band. Ideally would be playing gigs at outdoor venues for fun! Country and pop songs so the
B > M
Winthrop, MA
Los Angeles, CA
Attitude: An energetic rock group that is regularly told they sound like they came from the 90s, Super OK is a band that started in 2018 and
Cypress, TX
Attitude: Four piece band that does only private parties and special events is looking for two to three horn players and/or keyboard player.
East Hanover, NJ
Attitude: I'm laid back and enjoy playing, very dedicated to the songwriting aspect, and very motivated to achieve band goals. Available
Fairfax Station, VA
Attitude: I'm a laidback dude who loves to jam, but can also be serious about the music.
B > M
Vallejo, CA
Attitude: Great group of people, mostly female singers. Studio album wants to tour and play.
Millville, NJ
Attitude: I'm honestly just looking for cool people to hang out and play music with and have some fun. The last band I was in the members we
Lakewood, OH
Attitude: No Drama
Houston, TX
Attitude: Experimental, soft, groovy, and more
Goshen, KY
Attitude: Chill. Goal oriented. Balanced views.
Mark S
M > B
Katy, TX
Attitude: I can back up, or front band. Electric guitar, bass or acoustic. Open minded to all kinds of music. I like variety don’t mind mi
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Ramses_Rose_ Brooklyn, NY 3
Tribe Mafia Austin, TX 5
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Deacon Arlington, TX 8
youngboy Katy, TX 9
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Alpha_Cat Miami, FL 11
gabriellemachado Asheville, NC 11
DigAPig Provo, UT 12
Debbsterr San Diego, CA 13
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Mixed Company Bolton, MA 13
rsdrums Austin, TX 14
Rich_Blues Philadelphia, PA 15
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Super OK Los Angeles, CA 16
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juliacarother..M > BNew York, NY14
Mark B > MFairfax, VA14
MattJackoM > BAustin, TX14
MantisM > BToms Brook, VA14
AlienzB > MVallejo, CA14
Destiny BM > BHouston, TX13
Ken CarverM > FRound Rock, TX13
Mixed CompanyB > MBolton, MA13
billpB > MWinthrop, MA12
DeaconM > BArlington, TX12

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May 18, 2021 Milwaukee, WI Blues and Jazz Experience Jam
Jun. 5, 2021 Austin, TX Bon "D" Fire

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