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Cicero, IN
Attitude: Energetic rock and roll band that makes a name for themselves pretty quickly wherever they are. We put a lot of effort into the sh
San Diego, CA
Attitude: Text or call Dan: 215-760-6721. Reverie Noise is an original music project, rock/alternative rock genre, looking for both a dru
M > B
Aurora, IL
Attitude: Upbeat. Easy to get along with. Team player.
M > B
Elgin, IL
Attitude: I want to be in a part time band that looks and sounds professional. I’m in my 50’s and have been in a bunch of decent cover
B > M
Baltimore, MD
Branson, MO
Duncanville, TX
Attitude: Serious, with a smile.
Citrus Heights, CA
Attitude: Damn good! Forming a bluegrass/country/folk project covering vintage punk rock songs. I sing lead and play guitar, dobro, and lap
B > M
Torrance, CA
Attitude: I'm an amateur guitar player. I've been playing guitar for 3 years as a personal hobby, and have no experience of gigs yet. Just
Weirton, WV
Attitude: I'm laid back easy to jam with, I write songs based on the speed and tone of the music. I'm open to ideas and criticism.
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Fairfield, OH
Attitude: I've played guitar casually for a couple years, but started to get more serious about playing about one year ago. I have also been
M > B
Princeton, NJ
Attitude: Laid back, soulful, eclectic, powerful
Greendale, WI
Attitude: Fun, passionate, engaging vocalist. I’ve been singing my whole life. Started in school choirs, classically trained in college whil
B > M
Kansas City, MO
Attitude: Great
Atlanta, GA
Attitude: Positive
M > B
Glenview, IL
Attitude: I can operate in fully laid back mode, along with focused professional mode, and everything in-between. I enjoy having fun while
M > B
Zionsville, IN
Attitude: Just looking to play with a group - for the enjoyment
M > M
Canton, GA
New Port Richey, FL
Attitude: No bad habits, I am always trying to better myself. Theirs always more room for improvement. Easy going perfectionist.
Loganville, GA
Attitude: Always learning. Humble
Clearwater Beach, FL
Attitude: Party in front of the curtain. Business behind the curtain. Non-drinker. Non smoker. Not 420 friendly.
Winnetka, CA
Attitude: Inquiry
B > M
Homewood, IL
Attitude: Serious about our sound
Melrose, MA
Attitude: Two kids in grown up bodies currently regrouping our setup. We've recorded a few songs (see URL) and have a ton more ideas just wa
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Manager Baltimore, MD 12
Len Elgin, IL 12
Jena Stone Branson, MO 13
mark5161 Parrish, FL 14
Steven Walter Duncanville, TX 14
Spivey Canton, GA 14
dgrusty Suwanee, GA 15
Eternlview Oakley, CA 17
Misfit Williams Citrus Heights, CA 19
Pixie Oakland, CA 20
SeansGuitar Melrose, NY 21
JDogg Huntington Beach, CA 23
Nick Musick Weirton, WV 23
MysticAl Savannah, GA 24
T rex Kansas City, MO 24
Michi Princeton, NJ 25
Merastorm Greendale, WI 26
Astroboy Nutley, NJ 27
Gregomatic Puyallup, WA 28
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G-59M > BRancho Cucamo.., CA6
ChrisM > BGlenview, IL6
MichiM > BPrinceton, NJ6

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Aug. 9, 2024 Rockford, IL The Real Deal at Rockford City Market
Sep. 14, 2024 Rocklin, CA Groove Thang

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