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Austin, TX
Attitude: Serious about the music but having fun is the most important thing
Spring Hill, TN
Attitude: We are an all original comedy Tribute Act to the classic 1966 film MANOS: the Hands of Fate - the worst movie ever made! 4 charact
Minneapolis, MN
Attitude: ?
Atlanta, GA
Attitude: Listen to The Police everyday. Music should be technically challenging only if it benefits the song. I liked the 90's Manchester
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Olathe, KS
Attitude: Easy going, non judgmental, passionate, driven, good vibes, good energy, deep thought, intellectual, considerate, poetic, philosop
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San Jose, CA
Attitude: Great attitude! I moved to the Bay Area before COVID and still have not met anybody to jam with. Just looking to cover some songs
Palatine, IL
Attitude: Looking to collaborate with other musicians. I am a singer songwriter. I mainly play guitar and sing. I write and sometimes record
Glen Mills, PA
Attitude: Laid back and open to a wide range of music and styles.
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El Monte, CA
Attitude: Altitude?
Collingswood, NJ
Attitude: I like having fun while playing music or performing.
Paxton, MA
Attitude: Jump up and dance to the music and forget all your troubles!
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Stamford, CT
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Grand Prairie, TX
Attitude: Good
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Chillicothe, OH
Attitude: Professional but easy going.
Warwick, RI
Attitude: I play The Doors catalog close to record notewise including correct pauses and stops seek adults say 29-79 with band experience a
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Los Angeles, CA
Attitude: Looking to play gigs with new or established bands. Prefer small-group straight-ahead, latin, fusion, and other jazz. Not a purist
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Phoenix, AZ
Attitude: Mostly looking to form a power trio w/ bass and drums but keyboards and other vocals would be nice.
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Atlanta, GA
Attitude: I’m not an ego driven musician. I’m looking to connect with other musicians who want to gig occasionally, driven by a love of the
Van Nuys, CA
Attitude: We're all extremely committed to the band. We're really open to new ideas, and are looking for a drummer who wants to be a member
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Cambridge, MA
Attitude: Extremely motivated to practice, perform, and record. I am anti bigot and an ally. I bring a high level of energy and appreciate
Sunland, CA
Attitude: PUNK Sarcastic Don't give a Fuck - anti establishment / government.--control freaks - I am over it and you can kiss my ass and i
Houston, TX
Greenville, SC
Attitude: Friendly and Supportive
Jersey City, NJ
Attitude: Our band attitude is treating each other with musical respect and growth. This means that we listen to each other's ideas, support
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glazer El Monte, CA 7
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LookN4U Sacramento, CA 16
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Vasid Chillicothe, OH 18
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billpB > MWinthrop, MA13
Bis0nM > BAda, OH13
glazerM > BEl Monte, CA12
jay6479B > MAustin, TX12

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Nov. 3, 2022 Greeenville, SC Vocal Auditions (Day 1)

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