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The Colony, TX
Attitude: Dedicated, High energy, Easy going, Good problem solving, always ready to hit the stage.
Haltom City, TX
Attitude: Music is energy. Looking for that "mix"... the serious musicians who like to create, and aren't trying to be the center of the uni
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Philadelphia, PA
Attitude: Fuel me with gas and lets blow the world.
Plano, TX
Attitude: High Energy and good vibes
Boston, MA
Attitude: Positive, happy, singer-songwriter, outgoing, loving, feminists, dog-lovers, kind, friendly
Parkville, MD
Attitude: Upbeat, positive and ready to rock
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San Diego, CA
Attitude: I love to gig
Chestnut Hill, MA
Attitude: Serious, I've been playing about 10 years and have played lead guitar in a few bands already
Escondido, CA
Attitude: Very professional. I have played in bands, recorded in studios, and went to school for music. Ready to play and write some new mus
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Lake Stevens, WA
Attitude: Type a personality so I’m always on time and always show up. I love reggae especially with a positive message but I can sing da
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Sunland, CA
Attitude: Fun, Direct, Ready to go!
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Abington, PA
Attitude: Good :)
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Groveland, FL
Attitude: Easy to get along with. Hard worker. Very committed.
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Crystal Lake, IL
Attitude: Chill yet passionate
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Miami Beach, FL
Attitude: Casual but serious and committed
Phoenix, AZ
Attitude: Must have a positive attitude, not into party scene. Must be available to practice weekly and open to learn. Looking for someone
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Valley Cottage, NY
Boston, MA
Olympia, WA
Attitude: My intention is to uplift people through live music. That means, opening hearts, exploding with joy and appreciation and having gr
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Nashville, TN
Attitude: Open-minded and ready to make great music with new local friends.
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Portland, OR
Attitude: Love to experiment. Love to randomly play progressions and see what comes out. Lots of single notes and fun with loopers.
Cicero, IL
Attitude: Laid-back
Spokane, WA
Attitude: Laid back, easy going, fun loving 50-somethings - bass player, lead guitarist and drummer. We have day jobs, families, reliable tr
Pipe Creek, TX
Attitude: Very easy to get along with,always experimenting with sound and arrangements to be outside the box.
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