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Creating a music teacher profile on Bandfinder

It’s hard to find new students. We’d like to make it easier. Bandfinder started out on a mission to connect musicians with other musicians so they could create music together. Now, we’re on a mission to connect musicians with great teachers and music teachers with great students.

Why create a teacher profile on Bandfinder?

Creating a profile on Bandfinder gives you visibility as a music teacher and allows you to be contacted by anyone seeking lessons in your area.

Some things about Bandfinder:

  • We have thousands of musicians currently using our site, and that number is growing every day.
  • Most of our members are amateur musicians. So, they’re looking for great teachers in their area.
  • In addition to our members, we have lots of other visitors. Anyone who visits can search and browse teacher profiles and find you.
  • We’re not stopping where we are. We’re continuously marketing our site through social media, live events, and other tactics to make sure our teachers always have fresh musicians to connect with.

How does it work?

Bandfinder’s service for music teachers is very simple: You create a profile by visiting our registration page. Once your profile is live, potential students can find you by browsing or searching, read your profile, and contact you for lessons. That’s it!

Some important things to note:

  • All payment is between you and your students. Bandfinder does not keep or deal with ANY money from lessons you teach.
  • Unlike some sites, you can make arrangements with the students who contact you through Bandfinder as you would with any of your students. We just provide a way to connect.
  • Your contact information is always hidden. Anyone contacting you will be doing so through Bandfinder’s messaging system.
  • For most teachers, if you teach only 2 lessons to students you’ve gotten through Bandfinder, your yearly membership fee will have already paid for itself!

Sign up on our registration page and your profile will be live on our site immediately!