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Göteborg, Västra Götaland
Attitude: I'm open-minded, easy-going and dedicated
M > M
Stockholm, Stockholm
Attitude: Looking to collaborate online, or if you're in stockholm and like to do impro and experimental stuff, let's jam
M > B
Bromma, Stockholm
Attitude: Cool, easy going
Tumba, Stockholm
Attitude: I am a proffessional and educated drummer. I´ve been tought to play the drums since I was 8 y/o (10 years). If I would have s
M > B
Skarpnäck, Stockholm
Attitude: Cool, easy,
Järna, Stockholm
Attitude: Open Mind. I come from Poland. I'm looking for a place in the world where I will be more needed
Attitude: Humble but edgy, staying true to my music
Stocksund, Stockholm
Attitude: I am a songwriter looking to form a band who would be willing to play my shit. My style is fairly different though I suppose every
B > M
Stockholm, Stockholm
Attitude: I am not a hobby singer, I want to do these cover songs with a serious musician, who is willing also to travel and play music inte
Bandhagen, Stockholm
M > M
Stockholm, Stockholm
Attitude: International collaboration wanted: searching Vocalist, Guitarist, Drummer, Keyboarder - looking for excited progmusicians from a
Varberg, Halland
Attitude: A songwriting rock and rollsinger and multiinstrumentalist looking for a Kick-assband to record my songs and perform live later on
B > M
Spånga, Stockholm
Skutskär, Uppsala
Attitude: humor och skrattar och skämtar om allt haha
M > B
Svängsta, Blekinge
Attitude: 22 year old, multi-instrumentalist, primarily performing behind a mic, or behind the drums or guitar. Looking to either start up a
M > B
Solna, Stockholm
Attitude: 25 year old guitarist/songwriter with 10+ years of touring and recording experience looking for talented musicians that like to dr
Tyringe, Skåne
Attitude: yes !! ;)
Stockholm, Stockholm
Attitude: Serious, but fun. Easy-going. Always trying to find the best way to interpret the song.
M > M
Ludvika, Dalarna
Attitude: Open, creative, genuine. Bi-lingual Swedish / English.
B > M
Nacka, Stockholm
M > M
Hägersten, Stockholm
Attitude: = everything link to some of my stuff: since I can't seem to upload here
Norsborg, Stockholm
Attitude: I come from Spain and i am looking for a fucking Heavy metal band!
Stockholm, Stockholm
Attitude: Hi, we are a band called She´s in Stockholm and we are looking for a guitar player. We play post punk, alternative rock, fest
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