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musician seeking a band
 Austin, TX  78731
Age: 26  Male
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Profile type musician seeking a band
Member since Oct. 23, 2016
Music style(s) Jazz
I play Drums/Percussion
Lead guitar
Rhythm guitar
Bass guitar
Acoustic Guitar
Available to practice More than 3 times a week
Available to gig More than 4 times a month
Preferred song mix Both (covers & originals)
Experience level Advanced (5-10 years)
Music theory Some
Recording level Occasional


I'm a drummer/guitarist/bass player who also writes music. I'm looking for specifically a progressive metal/djent band to play drums for. I'm open to other genres too. If someone just wants to jam and see where it goes from there, that's cool too. I just really want to play music that is on the spectrum of rock. I have had some experience with jazz and I used to be in a Latin-blues band. However, metal has always been my big passion in music... which is the reason I left with my previous band. ------------------------------------------------- Right now, I have multiple metal songs written but alas, no band to play them with. --------------------------------------------------------- My double bass speed is stable around sixteenth notes for 190-200 BPM (around "Are We Dead Yet" or "Through The Fire And Flames" speed). I can give short bursts above that however. Double bass speed is getting faster and I'm improving as I practice. ---------------------------------------------------------- In the videos section, there is one of me playing with my old band (to show I can at least play). The other is to a song I wrote, although I haven't recorded it yet. ----------------------------------------------------------------------- Oh and I can read drum sheet music and hear out parts, for whatever that is worth. I'm also drug free.


Metal Influences (from most to least): ERRA, Animals As Leaders, Periphery Bullet For My Valentine, All That Remains, The Autumn Descent, TesseracT, Dream Theater Other Influences: Glassjaw, Goo Goo Dolls, My Chemical Romance, Breaking Benjamin, Rise Against


-----DRUM STUFF-----Yamaha DTX-950K (high end electronic drumset. Usually hooked up straight to PA in gigs, pretty easy) ----------Ultratone KXD12 (600 Watt PA System, what my set can run through also if not PA) ----------Personal PA drumset for small practices --------------------------------OTHER STUFF-----Epiphone Les Paul with Seymour Duncan Blackouts, Blackstar HT-5, Martin acoustic, Schecter Diamond Series 4 string bass (with some custom emg pickups), Fender Rumble 15 bass amp, Plus cables galore, a scarlett 2i4, an SM-57, and logic pro x



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