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 Lynn, MA  01904
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Hey name's Rob I'm looking to get some musicians together to work on already written songs that I have put together and hopefully play out at gigs soon. I just need the right people :) General area for now is Salem MA and most of the north shore. And if something comes out of it, we can expand which I'd like to do. I am located in Lynn, and would like to arrange for meeting in the general area to get this project moving. The material is a mixture of Black Sabbath, Tool, Alice in chains however all original material. I'd like to keep the songs that I have already put together in it's original structure, but I am willing to tweak a few things here and there as I know that each individual person in the band carries their own style / characteristics. But if the musicians can adapt to show their skill for the songs original structure? I'd be greatly appreciated. The style of the songs are influenced by the band's mentioned above, so if whoever is reading this ad, please take into consideration what I'm looking to do via Particularly with the tracks Lilith, Ascend and Shapshifter, but all the songs are in the same style apart from the track Green white and gold which is a Irish fiddly Dee type tune. I have recording software that allowed me to create this, but I didn't and don't have a drum kit to add the drums. But I played the guitar, lead guitar, bass and vocals on these little demos. I know the drums could have been added other ways, but I'd rather have had the natural feel of drums. I don't have a kick drum mic, so if any of you reading this is a drummer and have one? Please bring it to the table so we can do this ;) On that note! Here's what I'm looking for! I would need a drummer, a bassist, and a lead guitarist. I don't mind if any of you musicians reading and who are interested in this project are female. As long as you ladies can play, and don't mind playing the material presented. I myself am 37, so I don't mind if anyone interested is a few years younger, or a couple years older. I say this because I would like to keep everyone around the same age and on the same page. But I'm not ageist, sexist or racist. I just want to keep it simple. If you're a little younger, not teenage young but a few more years younger, it's cool. Again as long as we can all stay on the same page and get this going without any problems. Now I do play guitar obviously both rhythm and lead, but mostly rhythm as I plan on singing. However if this doesn't work with me singing, we can then talk about getting a singer because these tracks were recorded by me, but it was done layer by layer so I didn't sing and play the tracks at the same time. I can sing and play at the same time, but we'll see how we do because the way the rhythms in these tracks are. And this would be my first time working on this with serious musicians, so we'll all basically be in the same boat with this. But if I can't sing it and play it for any reason, we'll then get a singer. I recorded these songs when I was in northern Ireland and wanted to wait till I got back home to get the project moving because I didn't want to start it there, then leave everyone I got involved. The bass I used for this is a 5 string, and on a couple the tracks have dropped tuning, but I can show you how I played it if needed. I'm easy to get along with and pretty chilled. So that's what I'm looking for lol Anyone interested please text me before calling? Because I'm very iffy on answering numbers I don't know. I would like tomgetbthis thing moving so we can have fun with it, and hopefully make some money with it. When we start making money at gigs, is when we'll all get paid so please keep this in mind. Hopefully we can all grow as a band and make something special with this. Anyway I'd like to take a minute to thank whoever is reading this, and hope to hear from you soon. Kind regards Robert


Black Sabbath, Tool, and Alice in Chains


Gibson Les Paul Classic plus for guitar. Line 6 UX2 recording interface with ableton 9 software.



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