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Hey is 4 Horses

band seeking a musician
 Fort Worth, TX  76108

Profile type band seeking a musician
Member since Dec. 28, 2011
Music style(s) Country
I play
Seeking Lead guitar
Available to practice Twice a week
Available to gig Three times a month
Preferred song mix Originals
Experience level Advanced (5-10 years)
Music theory None
Recording level Occasional


Jimi Moody I am a 44 year old Long Haired Hippie Singer/Song Writer, Acoustic Guitarist looking for a Lead Acoustic Guitarist to form "Original Only" Texas Themed Alt/Country Americana Duo. I'm looking for some one to form a partnership and friendship split 50/50, who is serious about not being serious. The Business side will be very serious and the music will be skillful. I write Red Neck Blue Collar lyrics and very catchy toe tapping melodies that balances in the middle of Comedy and classic country. But nothing too corny or too offencive, Its a perfect Balance. I'm a God fearin man, so no satanic, devil stuff. I am a better Vocalist, song writer than guitarist, I am mostly a strummer. So, I need some one who plays better then I do. And some one who can write music to melodies and lyrics. I write music as well, just need some one who is better then myself to take it to the next level. some one who is good at intros and bridges and riffs. Maybe Some one who does not mind doing Harmony's would be cool, If not, that's cool too. Any way, I do sing Lead but would consider sharing lead vocals if you truly share my vision. It would be an act of God if you lived in the West fort worth area. The great thing about this project is we could split hosting rehearsal space (my place one week or yours the next, or you could just come to me if you would like) or meet half way in a park or where ever. Ive got my heart set on calling the project "Hey is 4 Horses" I'm not too sure if I can budge on that?....Maybe? My Influences are: Hayes Carll, Kevin Fowler, Eleven Hundred Springs, Blackberry smoke, Skynyrd, Johnny Cash, Willie, John Anderson & Big $ Rich's 1st CD. Send me a E Mail and Ill return it with a couple of my songs and a Skynyrd cover along with my phone number. I will return every E Mail and I am not a flake, I'm a good, easy to get along with dude with zero ego


Hayes Carll, Kevin Fowler, 1100 Springs, Johnny Cash


Fender Acoustic Guitar



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