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Grand Rapids musicians

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Muskegon, MI
Attitude: Lets just play!
Belmont, MI
Attitude: I'm looking for a drummer, bassist, and another guitarist who are into classic rock and want to jam and play some gigs. I'd like t
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Rockford, MI
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Rockford, MI
Attitude: professional, 11 years with elmore james jr.......have played with many blues masters in chicago....... blues fest 40,000people,
Cedar Springs, MI
Attitude: I started a band but my members dropped and weren't serious about it. Please message me if you are interested!!!!
Grand Rapids, MI
Attitude: Having a big ol' party on stage but still being super tight.
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Grand Haven, MI
Grand Rapids, MI
Attitude: Passionate and committed to making music and finding some other who wanna do the same.
Lakeview, MI
Attitude: I'm willing to learn anything about music, any style, any genre, because I know learning them will further my musical knowledge,
Shelbyville, MI
Attitude: Success starts with small steps to a big journey .
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Nashville, MI
Grand Rapids, MI
Attitude: i am a pretty care free person but i hate when people lie to me. If i say i can do it, i give you my word i can. i wont bail last
Spring Lake, MI
Attitude: We are laid back looking for some members that really want to commit so we can go somewhere with this
Muskegon, MI
Attitude: We are an experienced band all friends age 25 who have been playing together as a full band for 5 years. We have three full EPs ou
Hastings, MI
Attitude: I love to make, play, write music! only problem is, I'm not in a band! I want to expand my music and add others ideas to create a
Holland, MI
Attitude: I tune my beats to the flow of the song. However the song requires it(however the song sounds) is how I approach it. I usually lik
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RandallM > BAustin, TX15
AidanStumpM > BWaterford, MI15

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