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San Diego musicians

San Diego, CA
Attitude: Want to make an album. I can play all the instruments and I have some strong foundations laid. Want to do some psych/fuzz blues ro
Spring Valley, CA
Attitude: Been doing this a long time and have an amazing singer and a grinder as a bassplayer. These guys are pretty much family. We write
El Cajon, CA
Attitude: My longtime bandmate and myself are currently writing Post Punk / Alt Rock original music (see influences below) I write Guitar p
Bonita, CA
Attitude: I am very laid back and chill, but am very passionate towards music. I’d love to get an R&B/Funk band going.
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San Diego, CA
Attitude: Very easy going, just looking to have fun, recently retired (67 years old)
San Diego, CA
Attitude: Hardworking, Chill, Alternative, 420 Friendly, Album Oriented, Hardrocking.
Jacumba, CA
Attitude: We have 9 originals that could use vocals. In the style of Dio, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, etc. Will not jive well with Liber
San Diego, CA
Attitude: I'd rather play 3 notes with feeling, passion, and soul, to make a melody, than 100 notes blazing fast.
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Santee, CA
Attitude: Fun outgoing person who is not shy.
La Mesa, CA
Attitude: fun, authentic
Chula Vista, CA
Attitude: I'm very serious about needing this outlet. If it goes well and we can proceed to another level, cool, but at least I want to be a
Vista, CA
Attitude: Energy, sexy, barefoot, free and loose
San Diego, CA
Attitude: Pretty easygoing and just looking to make something cool with some good people. Been singing and performing since I was in middle
La Mesa, CA
Attitude: Chill. Easy to hang out with. I just want to have fun creating and playing music with other people.
San Diego, CA
Attitude: Hey everyone! Looking to start a cover band. Ideally would be playing gigs at outdoor venues for fun! Country and pop songs so the
San Diego, CA
Attitude: Honestly, I want to make every genre accessible to people. I improv so much on my guitar and piano and every time I play it's a di
San Diego, CA
Attitude: We are looking for a vocalist (male 18-25ish) for an alternative metal/hard rock band to sing clean/heavier vocals. We have origin
San Diego, CA
Attitude: Hard worker with sense of humor, and am told I am easy to be in a band with. Prefer older bandmates 25 yrs. up. Really want to fi
San Diego, CA
Attitude: I am a vocalist whose band is breaking up. :( I've been singing with a cover band for the last three years and want to find a new
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National City, CA
Attitude: My attitude is don't try to force me to believe anything. You believe what you want to believe. Take that red pill and wake up.
Escondido, CA
Attitude: Humble, Energetic, Creative, On time, Social, Willing to learn,
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Carlsbad, CA
Oceanside, CA
San Diego, CA
Attitude: More on positive side of the music than negative. Always big up and mentor young generation. Perform many benefits shows too.
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